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i was listening to the Evanescence song "Taking Over Me," and while I like the song, the band sounds like... really lame. and theres like piano stuff all over. If you think it'll work i'm all up for doing it, but if not, i'm thinking the song "Lies" or "Whisper" ...cause it's not all piano and violins. And for Whisper i have the original not-retarded, no keyboard, no violin, no big dumb chorus version.
and Lies would be a good choice because:
1. It was never ruined and put on the Fallen album
2. I doesn't SOUND THE SAME! (to me at least)
3. It has some really cool harmonys (that i could have catherine to sing with me...? idk, but if we did them together they'd sound awesome)
4. Someone gets to scream and sound angry. Scream Mike, scream.

Another thing, my friend Joey is visiting from New Jersey on Saturday, so i'm not gunna be able to go to practice unless i can bring him =/
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