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Future Songs + Keyboards + Names 
07:08pm 28/04/2004
mood: accomplished
Okay... songs we may be working on in the future..
No Doubt- Ex-Girlfriend and Tragic Kingdom (yeah i know we're turning into a No Doubt cover band but whatever)
Evanescence- Whisper (or whatever shiny decides she wants us to do... Whisper has a lot of weird ass noises in it but we can always omit or replace them)



Okay matter number two... I'd like to try out a keyboard as sooon as possible, so someone see which one will do it next saturday (not this saturday, but after that) and we'll write up a song list for her to learn. Drew I guess this job would be best fit for you.


Final Matter... WE NEED A NEW NAME!

Shiny (Although Andrea decided that would confuse her)
208Bort (Which I would actually consider seriously, although I doubt anyone else would, haha)
The Rasberries
Cranberry Juice
Without A Doubt (Obviously refrences to our covering habits)

But despite these stupid suggestions... (several of which aren't of my own creation)... I really think our next name should be something more light-hearted, a little more fun. Something interesting.

So you guys in the band... and anyone else who reads this... PLEASE post suggestions.


Thanks everyone!!


~+~Shiny Edit~+~ What happened to Escapade??? Escapades are light-hearted and fun.

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05:48pm 27/04/2004
mood: accomplished
Okay... Nick is officially out of the band, I just took care of that.

The song we're doing this week is Celebrity Skin by Hole.

We need a keyboard... someone tell me about that... Abbey? Ellis?

Shiny if you get the song online post it here.

Word... We're getting somewhere

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07:27pm 25/04/2004
mood: busy
i was listening to the Evanescence song "Taking Over Me," and while I like the song, the band sounds like... really lame. and theres like piano stuff all over. If you think it'll work i'm all up for doing it, but if not, i'm thinking the song "Lies" or "Whisper" ...cause it's not all piano and violins. And for Whisper i have the original not-retarded, no keyboard, no violin, no big dumb chorus version.
and Lies would be a good choice because:
1. It was never ruined and put on the Fallen album
2. I doesn't SOUND THE SAME! (to me at least)
3. It has some really cool harmonys (that i could have catherine to sing with me...? idk, but if we did them together they'd sound awesome)
4. Someone gets to scream and sound angry. Scream Mike, scream.

Another thing, my friend Joey is visiting from New Jersey on Saturday, so i'm not gunna be able to go to practice unless i can bring him =/

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01:05pm 07/04/2004
  I will post this on my lj and the community one...

Since Mike is not here right now we will give him a day to relax from relaxing or whatever he was doing in Flrida and have practice on tuesday!


99 Red Balloons -NEW!-
Buddy Holly* -NEW!-
Keep Fishin'
Just a Girl

*I know, another Weezer song...but you know me, they are my favorite. Learn this song last, because Andrea can sing in 99 Red Balloons and not in Buddy Holly.

NOTE: Please,Please,Please do not bring your siblings without asking me...and I will probably say no!

Call me if you can't make it!!

Thank you....that is all
-Drew §

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I Think We Need A Name Change 
04:20pm 02/03/2004
  Anyone who has any ideas list their suggestions here. Just make a list i don't care if its stupid.  

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Song Writing 
09:09pm 29/02/2004
  Okay so we obviously have an issue writing songs all together... so im thinking me and Shiny are gonna get together sometime and try to finish a few which we will teach to and tweak with the band... if anyone else wants to do this with me sometime, especially drew, post, or if some of you guys want to write together or try to write stuff on your own. That seems to be the only way we're gonna get anything done.


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12:06am 29/02/2004
  practice today was fun. andrea brought really good donuts. Drew had a bit of an allergic reaction to the fruit punch, we played some music while accomplishing some work and had some meaningful discussions. plus andrea took some pictures that will be added to our lovely community. i spent the rest of the night at drews house. Hey look! "the rest" in a sentence! so many levels...
i am going to go and clean my room now for it is ridiculously cluttered.

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06:42pm 25/02/2004
mood: pleased
This is offically our livejournal community, so anyone that desires to join, notify us and we'll hook you up.

The purpose of this community will be mostly for the band to exchange information, but also for, especially once we get more serious, feedback from our peers. So post away peers!!

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*Shiny posts for layout testing purposes* 
09:42pm 24/02/2004
mood: sick
We Are The Rest

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